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Our new Trad album is out! And other chilly summer greetings from Finland!

June 24, 2014
Posing in our garden with Ahku - Pias moms dog who moved in with us!

Posing in our garden with Ahku – Pias moms dog who moved in with us!

Gigging, gardening, community work and tour planning is how we spend our summer here in Finland!

Sat June 28th we will play the release gig for our new Trad. album in Kahvila Saha followed by a series of concerts in different summer festivals and events like Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Täydenkuun tärskyt and Vaasa Picnic.

You can order the new (as well as the old) album from CD Baby or just drop us a line at and we’ll send you one! You can also listen to it on Spotify Vellamo – Trad or even better – come to one of our gigs and get your copy there!


So summer is here even though you would not necessarily believe it as the midsummer temperatures have been around +10 celcius (about 50 F)…  There is also a lot of gardening to do as we became proud home owners with a lovely garden!

Another project that keeps us occupied is a theatre/music show Muistojen sävel (Tone of the Memories) that we do for and in cooperation with people who live in old folks homes. The program will consist of scenes that portray the old times in Finland and songs that were/are important to people who were born in early 1900s. We will be touring in old folks homes with the program in July.

Tankar roudaus

Greetings from the sunny island of Tankar where we launched our gig summer in Finland! Here is the means we used to get our gear there – our beloved boat Hilla and an old milk carriage plus some serious human muscle!

Then we will take a little escape from the fall and start our first tour of Europe ever scheduled from late August to early October! This far we have gigs lined up in England, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Sweden –  hopefully more to come!
After the European tour we will concentrate on recording new material and hopefully we’ll have enough of that by the end of the year for a new record!


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